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Len Airey - On Antarctica



Uitgever: Luna Books
Verschijningsdatum: 2001
Aantal blz.: 260
ISBN: 0 9708699 0 8


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Len Airey - On Antarctica


De achterflap:

On Antarctica is filled with anecdotes of humour, tragedy, fire, war, wildlife, tourism, mountaineering, celebration, base-life, yachting, travel, science, sex and even spies! The book is an extraordinary but true account of life on remote Antarctic bases where people live with few companions; no neighbours, no shops, no help, no hospitals and no way out. Read how Antarctica was affected by the Falkland Island war with new, original material never before released. Read about the Petermann tragedy and the desperation of isolation in Antarctica. Read what they do in Antarctica to survive those winter nights and celebrate those special occasions. Read about life on Antarctica, mesmerising, a book outstandingly written with scores of illustrations and photographs.


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