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Lennard Bickel - Shackleton's forgotten men
The untold tragedy of the Endurance epic



Uitgever: Adrenaline Classic Books, New York
Verschijningsdatum: 2000
Aantal blz.: 243
ISBN: 1 56025 256 1


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Lennard Bickel: Shackleton's forgotten men


De achterflap:

As Ernest Shackleton and the crew of the Endurance struggled through their now-hallowed odyssey of survival, across the Antarctic continent the men responsible for laying their supplies met a different fate. Marooned on the ice by their ship, the Aurora, this small party forged courageously ahead like their counterparts on the Endurance, facing challenges that were, if possible, even worse. Fighting illness, hunger and exhaustion, they carried on to finish a job that killed three of them. Their astonishing 2,000-mile sledge journey, made under the worst imaginable conditions, was the last major Antarctic expedition. It brought down the curtain on the heroic age of polar exploration.


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