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Lennard Bickel - Mawson's will



Uitgever: Steerforth Press, Vermont
Verschijningsdatum: 2000 (eerste uitg.: 1977)
Aantal blz.: 261
ISBN: 1 58642 000 3


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Lennard Bickel: Mawson's will


De achterflap:

In 1911 Australian Douglas Mawson chose not to accompany Robert Scott on his trip to the South Pole, but instead set out on a less prestigious expedition to chart fifteen hundreds miles of Antarctic coastline and claim it for the British Crown. Mawson was an experienced explorer - in 1908 he had led an important expedition to the South Magnetic Pole - but nothing could have prepared him for what happened on his trek.

Setting out with two companions and two teams of dogs, Mawson encountered daunting mountains, crevasse-filled glaciers, and sixty-mile-per-hour winds. Six weeks and 320 miles into the journey, one of his fellow explorers and a team of dogs disappeared into a "bottomless" crevasse, along with the tent, most of the equipment, and all a week's supply of food. After losing his second companion and the remaining dogs, Mawson fought his way back from what seemed inescapable death, enduring blistering wind, snow, and cold, thirst, starvation, disease, and snowblindness.

Mawson's Will is the unforgettable story of one man's ingenious practicality and unbreakable spirit and how he continued his meticulous scientific observations even in the face of death. When the expedition was over Mawson had added more territory to the Antarctic map than anyone else of his time. Thanks to Leonard Bickel's moving account Mawson can be remembered for his vision and dedication that makes him one of the world's great explorers.


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