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Rorke Bryan - Ordeal By Ice. Ships of the Antarctic



Uitgever: Seaforth Publishing, Barnsley
Verschijningsdatum: 2011
Aantal blz.: 536
ISBN: 978 1 84832 116 8


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Ordeal by ice


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Antarctica is surrounded by some of the world's most hazardous seas and was first sighted less than three centuries ago. Since then, ships have been of vital importance in Antarctic exploration. Expeditions were challenged by poorly charted waters, violent storms, pack ice, icebergs and disease. Frequently, the success of expeditions was determined by the qualities of the ships involved. The pivotal importance of ships and ship design has been largely ignored in Antarctic literature. This is the story of these ships - some specially designed, some plucked from obscurity - and the critical role they played in opening up the continent, from the hypothetical earliest sightings by the fleets of the Ming emperors of China in the 15th century right upto the tourist ships and sophisticated reinforced research vessels of today. Using extensive research in archives, museums, libraries and private sources in many parts of the world, Rorke Bryan brings the detailed information about the ships into a single, comprehensive record. It contains technical information, plans, photos, paintings and maps, and describes the expeditions and exploratory activities in which the ships took part. This authoritative work fills an important gap in Antarctic literature.


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