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Graham Collier en Patricia Graham Collier - Antarctic odyssey. In the footsteps of the South Polar explorers



Uitgever: Robinson, Londen
Verschijningsdatum: 1999
Aantal blz.: 194
ISBN: 1 84119 104 3


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Antarctic odyssey


De achterflap:

This beautiful illustrated account arose from several visits to both East and West Antarctica by author Graham Collier. Travelling on small, ice-strengthened expedition ships and on one occasion a converted Russian icebreaker, he recalls the stories of the early south-polar explorers, often while standing on the sites of their triumphs and disasters.

Starting from the Magellan Straits, he visits South Georgia, Elephant Island (the bleak refuge for the Endurance survivors for months), and Peter I Island, before venturing into the unpredictable Ross Sea, with its vast ice barrier, over which such great adventurers as Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen set out for the pole.

The names and places are redolent of a celebrated past: Ross Island and McMurdo Sound, the Beardmore Glacier, Mount Erebus, and many more, each associated with the feats of endurance and courage that inspire us to this day.

Graham Collier was accompanied by his wife Patricia, who took most of the superb photographs that both inform the text and tell their own story of the breathtaking landscape and its unique wildlife. From Adélie penguins to the magnificent and colourful Emperors, the predatory leopard seals and orcas, and the great wandering albatross - encounters with these creatures of the Southern Ocean add a further dimension to the author's experiences.

At once a recreation of the past and an enthralling picture of the wonders that remain, Graham Collier's journeys capture the spirit of this only unhabited continent, the last great wilderness.


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