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Michael De-La-Noy - Scott of the Antarctic



Uitgever: Sutton Publishing, Phoenix Mill / Stroud / Gloucestershire
Verschijningsdatum: 1997
Aantal blz.: 112
ISBN: 0 7509 1512 9


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Michael De-La-Noy: Scott of the Antarctic


De achterflap:

The life of Captain Scott - Scott of the Antarctic - and the courage which he exemplified have marked him out as a hero to generations, despite his failure to be the first to reach the South Pole. This book describes his short life and the explorations which he and his team made. Born in 1868, Scott joined the Navy as a cadet but after meeting Clements Markham he asked to be involved in the exploration of the Antarctic. In 1900 he was appointed to lead the National Antarctic Expedition, and later published to widespread acclaim his account of the voyage. The second Antarctic expedition left New Zealand in 1910. This book vividly recreates that journey across the unforgiving, frozen wastes. In practical terms, the mission was a hopeless failure, but the men's bravery remain a part of exploration history.


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