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David Attenborough - Life in the Freezer



Regisseur: David Attenborough
Uitgever: BBC
Verschijningsdatum: 2002
Speelduur: 174 minuten


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David Attenborough: Life in the Freezer


De achterflap:

Antarctica is the wildest, coldest, most isolated continent on Earth. Covered and surrounded by 90% of the world's ice, its 14 million square kilometers are doubled each winter by the freezing of the sea. The average temperature at the South Pole is -49 Centrigrade, dropping to -70 and below in mid winter. Yet this inhospitable landscape is home to a surprisingly rich variety of wildlife, much of it unique to the region.

David Attenborough and his 20-strong crew spent three years braving mountainous seas. 160kph blizzards, plummeting temperatures and glaciers the size of cathedrals for this first complete natural history of Antarctica. Venturing into previously inaccessible territory, they used the very latest technology and techniques to capture on land and under water the glories of this magnificent continent.

With more scenes of sheer beauty, passion, comedy, aggression and sadness than any drama. Life in the Freezer is an unmissable opportunity to experience the last true wilderness on earth.


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