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Kim Heacox - National Geographic Destinations. Antarctica. The last continent



Uitgever: National Geographic, Washinton DC
Verschijningsdatum: 1998
Aantal blz.: 200
ISBN: 0 7922 7454 7


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National Geographic Destinations. Antarctica. The last continent


De achterflap:

Antarctica - a place of intensely profound coldness, solitude, and beauty. Welcome to a landmass 98 percent covered in ice, a world of howling winds and rogue waves, a place of summer's radiant light and winter's interstellar dark. This book pushes the freezer door open to reveal the continent's physical geography, its explorers, and its wildlife - blizzards of krill, societies of seals, and cacophonies of penguins. Although the modern world threatens Antarctica's pristine environment, every member of the Antarctic Treaty has signed the Madrid Protocol for Environmental Protection. If any place can prove that many peoples of many nations can cooperate to save what remains of the wild Earth, that place will be Antarctica - the coldest, windiest, highest, driest, least populated, and most remote corner of the world.


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