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Bertrand Imbert - North Pole, South Pole: Journeys to the Ends of the Earth



Uitgever: Thames and Hudson, New York
Verschijningsdatum: 1992
Aantal blz.: 192
ISBN: 0 300 08967 8


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Bertrand Imbert: North Pole, South Pole


De achterflap:

Remote, unpeopled, forbidding; the Poles were the last parts of the earth to be reached by man, and still exert a powerful hold on the imagination. In the 16th century the search for the legendary North-West Passage claimed many lives. The North Pole proved after all to be an icebound spot in a frozen sea; yet Antarctica is a land mass with its own beauty, the scene of Scott's tragic failure and Amundsen's final victory. Today this, the world's last untouched wilderness, is under threat; but the nations are finally uniting to protect its white wastes.


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