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Max Jones - The last great quest. Captain Scott's Antarctic sacrifice



Uitgever: Oxford University Press
Verschijningsdatum: 2003
Aantal blz.: 352
ISBN: 0 19 280570 3


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Max Jones - The last great quest


De achterflap:

Recent decades have seen controversy rage over whether Scott was the last of a line of great Victorian explorers, intent on discovering uncharted lands, or a hopeless incompetent driven by personal ambition. Rejecting the stereotypes, Max Jones reveals a complex figure, a product of the passions and preoccupations of an imperial age. He also shows how heroes are made and manipulated, through a close examination of the unprecedented outpouring of public grief at the news of the death of Scott and his companions. Max Jones uses fascinating new evidence and previously unseen illustrations to take us back to this remarkable moment in modern history to tell for the first time, the full story of The Last Great Quest.


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