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Marilyn J. Landis - Antarctica: Exploring the Extreme. 400 Years of Adventure



Uitgever: Chicago Review Press, Chicago
Verschijningsdatum: 2001
Aantal blz.: 512
ISBN: 978-1556524288


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Antarctica: Exploring the Extreme. 400 Years of Adventure


De achterflap:

The danger and excitement of Antarctic exploration are unmatched in the annals of adventure travel. Fabulous sights, hair-raising escapes, and macabre deaths from storms and scurvy attended Ferdinand Magellan's 1520 passage through the southern straits and Captain John Biscoe's 1830 Antarctic circumnavigation. Nineteenth-century sealing and whaling expeditions from around the world, as brutal to their crews as to the animals they slaughtered, brought jubilant homecomings along with shipwreck, abandonment, and agonizing loss of lives and fortunes. Ernest Shackleton, Roald Amundsen, and Robert Scott endured anguishing trials of body and spirit in their separate struggles to reach the South Pole early in the twentieth century.

Antarctica: Exploring the Extreme surveys four centuries and forty expeditions to Antarctica, recounting, often in the explorers' own words, the wonders and catastrophes they encountered. A final section describes Antarctica today, detailing the wildlife, flora, and geology of a region that is drawing an increasing number of visitors who, like the adventurers before them, are fascinated by the isolation, beauty, and challenge of the southernmost continent.


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