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Sue Limb en Patrick Cordingley - Captain Oates. Soldier and explorer



Uitgever: Leo Cooper, Londen
Verschijningsdatum: 1995
Aantal blz.: 235
ISBN: 0 85052 472 5


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Captain Oates. Soldier and explorer


De achterflap:

Captain Oates is a well-researched, beautifully presented book with fine photographs of Oates's life (1880-1912) and his time in Antarctica. Much of the original research was done in the 1960s, when Oates's sister and some of his friends and fellow-officers were still alive, albeit in their eighties or nineties. The authors have produced a fascinating character study of a quintessential British hero. "The Soldier", as Oates was known, was not perhaps ideal for teamwork being a solitary man whose uncompromising views could irritate those easily offended. However, his frequent bouts of sourness towards Scott and others were mitigated by his common sense, practical abilities and above all his inimitable strength of character. Like Scott, Oates immortalised himself through the manner of his death. As the authors put it: "Since death was coming too slowly for him, he simply got up and went out to meet it." (Sir Ranulph Fiennes)


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