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Mike Lucas - Antarctica



Uitgever: New Holland, Londen
Verschijningsdatum: 1996
Aantal blz.: 160
ISBN: 1 85368 743 X


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Mike Lucas - Antarctica


De achterflap:

Antarctica: where swirling snows sweep across an ice-bound, empty landscape of cruel, yet unmatched beauty. Lost at the bottom of the world and surrounded by the furious, windswept seas of the Southern Ocan, it was only with the early explorers in the age of 'romantic' discovery that Antarctica began to yield some of its secrets. However, human interference has taken its toll on Antarctica's resources, particularly in the form of whalers and sealers who pushed the great whales and Antarctic seals to the verge of extinction.

Today, humankind has finally realized the real value of the magnificent continent. Antarctica, its surrounding pack ice, wild seas and bleak island outposts represent the last of the world's untamed wilderness. There are milions of penguins, huge but graceful albatrosses, tiny storm petrels, seals that make their home on the pack ice, and mighty whales that roam the oceans. But Antarctica's significance depends not just on its wildlife: the vast ice sheets are of global importance to the earth's climate, particularly with the appearance of the ozone hole and the threat of global warming.

This book strives not only to provide a glipse of the beauty of Antarctica and its wildlife but also to educate since it is only through education and understanding that Antarctica stands a chance of being conserved for future generations. It is vital that we make every effort to preserve this last great wilderness.


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