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Jim Mastro, Antarctica. A year at the bottom of the world



Uitgever: Bulfinch Press, Boston/New York/London
Verschijningsdatum: 2002
Aantal blz.: 176
ISBN: 0 8212 2754 8


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Jim Mastro, Antarctica. A year at the bottom of the world


De achterflap:

It's cold, and harsh, and desolate. And to photojournalist Jim Mastro, it's the most beautiful place on earth. Here is Antarctica - the frozen, once-inaccessible wasteland at the bottom of the world - in all of its visual splendour, with exciting personal anecdotes that take armchair travellers and future explorers right to the edge of the ice...

Jim Mastro has spent more than five years living and working in the Antarctic wilderness. Antarctica: A Year at the Bottom of the World is his striking season-by-season account of one full year at the bottom of the world. In this breathtaking book, Mastro describes in vivid detail, complete with extraordinary photographs, this strangely beautiful, vast frozen frontier.

Experience face-to-face encounters with pods of killer whales, deadly winter storms, colonies of Weddel seals, and hazardous sea ice. Endure the lonely isolation during four months of utter darkness. Jim Mastro takes you there to face the challenges and adventures that he and the other year-round human residents of Antarctica survived.

From the wondrous ice caves to the explosively brilliant aurora australis, Mastro covers it all-photographically and in his own dramatic, personal narrative.


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