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David McGonigal en Lynn Woodworth - Antarctica and the Arctic. The complete encyclopedia



Uitgever: Firefly Books, Willowdale
Verschijningsdatum: 2001
Aantal blz.: 608
ISBN: 1 55297 545 2


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Antarctica and the Arctic. The complete encyclopedia


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The Antarctic is the coldest, driest, and windiest region on earth. This book tells its story as we know it so far, and compares it with its polar opposite, the Arctic.

Authorative and reader-friendly text compiled by an expert team of Antarctic scientists, expeditioners, and historians.

Up-to-the-minute coverage of Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands, including geology and geography, flora and fauna, current scientific research, and conservation issues.

Individual species notes for more than 100 animals.

Great stories of polar exploration and scientific enterprise, from early hypotheses about an unknown southern land, through Amundsen's conquest of the South Pole in 1911, the ratification of the Antarctic Treaty of 1959, and the subsequent cooperative effort to preserve Antarctica as "a continent for peace and science".

Gazetteer and detailed regional maps, plus over 80 thematic maps showing wildlife distribution and explorer's routes.

CD Rom, featuring comprehensive regional and wildlife guides, Antarctic sights and sounds, and 50 of the most informative websites and links.

More than 1,000 stunning photographs and illustrations of the world's last great wilderness.


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