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Boeken over Antarctica

Steve Parker - Scott's last expedition



Uitgever: National History Museum, London
Verschijningsdatum: 2012
Aantal blz.: 96
ISBN: 978 0 565 09287 0


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Scott's last expedition


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In November 1910 Robert Falcon Scott set off from New Zealand on the greatest quest of the Heroic Age of Polar Exploration - to reach the South Pole in Antarctica, the most remote, forbidding place on Earth. The Terra Nova expedition was to become one of the most famous tales of heroic adventure from any age, with success and achievement overshadowed by failure and tragedy.

This book tells the story of this historic and momentous expedition, the characters who were a part of it and their incredible feats of endurance. As well as the well-known South Pole trek itself, diary extracts and engaging stories show what daily life was like for Scott and his crew, what food they ate, where they slept, what equipment they used and the scientific work that was undertaken. Stunning photographs taken during the expedition and images of original artefacts from Scott's base camp illuminate this epic story.


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