Het Laatste Continent


Boeken over Antarctica

Beau Riffenburgh - Nimrod



Uitgever: Bloomsbury, Londen
Verschijningsdatum: 2004
Aantal blz.: 360
ISBN: 0 7475 7253 4


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De achterflap:

On New Year's Day, 1908, a tiny overladen ship called Nimrod set out on the last stage of its journey to the Antarctic. The leader of the expedition was Ernest Shackleton, determined to find fame and fortune by becoming the first man to reach the South Pole. On this expedition, Shackleton would record the greatest achievements of his career and make some of his most momentous decisions. It was to be an epic and dangerous adventure. While one team battled hundreds of miles to plant the Union Jack at the South Magnetic Pole, Shackleton led another team towards the geographical South Pole. Despite being plagued by hunger, cruel weather and unseen crevasses, they persevered to within ninety-seven miles of the Pole. But on the return journey things were to get even worse...


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