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Michael H. Rosove - Let heroes speak. Antarctic explorers 1772-1922



Uitgever: Berkley Publishing Group, New York
Verschijningsdatum: 2001
Aantal blz.: 359
ISBN: 0 425 18330 0


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Michael Rosove: Let heroes speak


De achterflap:

Ernest Shackleton and Robert Scott are names familiar to most of us, but few know the compelling details of their Antarctic explorations and those of other early explorers who opened the forbidding region to future discovery. In this single volume, Michael H. Rosove tells their story, voyage by voyage, in language that's accessible to the general reader yet holds the attention of serious polar buffs and scholars.

Taking a refreshingly different approach from other writers, Rosove skillfully weaves together the explorers' own insightful and inspiring accounts with a narrative that puts readers in the midst of events. From Captain James Cook's expedition in 1772 to Shackleton's final expedition in 1922, he describes how these small parties of intrepid men discovered the continent, explored its perilous coasts, penetrated its interior, and reached the South Pole, making possible the technically sophisticated expeditions of later years. Using the explorers' own words, Rosove helps readers appreciate their heroic struggles against almost inconceivable hardships, the challenges to their leadership, their awe at the magnificent natural wonders they beheld, and the profound spiritual effects of their polar experiences.

Drawing from more than two hundred sources, Let Heroes Speak is filled with fascinating facts and features more than thirty photographs and maps. The book's organization and comprehensive index also make it a useful resource for those seeking information about a particular historical expedition.


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