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Kevin Schafer - Penguin planet



Uitgever: NorthWord Press, Minnetonka, Minnesotta
Verschijningsdatum: 2000
Aantal blz.: 143
ISBN: 1 55971 745 9


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Kevin Schafer: Penguin planet


De achterflap:

Penguins. The world alone elicts a smile, for everyone loves them. And we're learning more about them every day. How they glide with such grace through the endless blue waters of their southern ocean home. How they live in their chaotic and crowded breeding grounds. How they lovingly care for their precious young.

Penguin Planet is the stunning result of Kevin Schafer's personal mission to observe and photograph each of the seventeen species in its natural habitat. With spectacular photos and lively text, it is an affectionate portrait of the world's most popular birds.


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