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Peter Speak - William Speirs Bruce. Polar explorer and Scottish nationalist



Uitgever: National Museums of Scotland Publishing, Edinburgh
Verschijningsdatum: 2003
Aantal blz.: 144
ISBN: 1 901663 71 X


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Peter Speak: William Speirs Bruce


De achterflap:

William Speirs Bruce, the polar naturalist and fervent Scottish nationalist, 'was a man who had more than a little of the stuff that heroes are made of, a man who did great things with a quiet will and a gentle heart, who rarely got that public recognition which was the due of his achievements'.

Born in London, Bruce elected to live and work in Scotland, immersing himself in the growing cultural renascence that ironically to distance him from influential London based scientific societies. Despite the unqualified success of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition (1902-04) and his remarkable scientific work in polar regions, Bruce was destined to remain in the shadow of the more illustrious explorers of the 'Heroic Age', Scott and Shackleton, and his commitment to science over sensationalism served only to deny him his rightful place in polar history. This book aims to bring the name of William Spiers Bruce to the fore once again and to examine the nature of Scotland's forgotten hero.


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