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Jules Verne - An Antarctic mystery



Uitgever: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Verschijningsdatum: 2013
Aantal blz.: 336
ISBN: 978-1493688968


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Jules Verne - An Antarctic mystery


De achterflap:

A story of adventure and exploration in the South Polar regions.

The tale is founded upon Edgar Allan Poe's story of Arthur Gordon Pym. This is the text. An Antarctic mystery is the continuation and explanation. Captain Len Guy and Mr. Jeorling, an Englishman and American, organize an expedition to discover what has become of the characters in Poe's tale. After many adventures the men are discovered in a dying condition. The Antarctic mystery is a colossal magnet, in the shape of the mythological Sphinx, which attracted iron with such force that the iron bands of the boats which came within its influence were torn out and projected as though by a catapult. On closer examination, the mountain was seen to be dotted with the arms, utensils, grapnel, and even the nails of the boats of the explorers. At the foot of the monster lay the naked corpse of Pym, who had apparently been seized by the magnetic fluid before he could get rid of the gun which was slung over his shoulder, and had been hurled against the fatal loadstone Sphinx of the Ice-realm.


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